“Sauce for the Gander”


Mary Malcolm defends British Housewives in a special advertising magazine on ITV

Mary Malcolm, with labels reading "Are women adventurous enough about food?" – "Can English women cook?" – "Do shoppers keep a close eye on food prices?" – "How does the rising cost of living affect your meals?" – "Do young wives of to-day cook as well as their mothers?"
Mary Malcolm is herself a wife and mother of three children as well as a TV personality – so no wonder she’s on the side of the housewife.
Kenneth Horne
Kenneth Horne says what he really thinks about the way English women cook, shop and keep house. And he doesn’t pull his punches!

Mary Malcom defends British Housewives in

“Sauce for the Gander”



CAN English women cook? “Certainly!” says Mary Malcolm, vigorously springing to the defence of the British housewife. Does she succeed in convincing her adversary in discussion- the well-known stage and TV personality, Kenneth Horne? Listen to a new 15-min- ute magazine called “Sauce for the Gander” at 6.45 p.m. on Tuesday evening and find out for yourself how this particular argument starts, how it develops – and who wins.

However heated the argument becomes, Mary Malcolm should succeed in preserving the peace. Her years of radio and TV experience have accustomed her to handling all kinds of awkward situations.

Once, during George Cansdale’s “Looking at Animals” series on television, she was nearly throttled by a boa constrictor – but she scarcely batted an eyelid. The most violent verbal battles could hold no terrors for her after that!

When Mary Malcolm was invited to commère this new magazine she accepted eagerly – especially when she heard what it was going to be about. From first to last, it’s about food, and food is something everyone is interested in – but especially women. “Sauce for the Gander” will be helpful as well as interesting, because it will provide women with an opportunity to hear their own food problems freely discussed in a lively and amusing atmosphere, to learn new facts about food, and to take a really close look at food prices and the cost of living in general.

Mary Malcolm has her own very decided ideas about food and housekeeping. She is herself a wife and mother and so is intimately concerned with the day-to-day problems of running a home. She understands as well as anyone the difficulties of running a home and a job, having had to solve this problem on her own account.

Eleanor Summerfield
Eleanor Summerfield the well-known stage, film and TV actress shows how to make a delicious spaghetti dish.

During the magazine, Mary Malcolm will introduce the two guest stars, Kenneth Horne and Eleanor Summerfield, both with definite and often opposing views about food. Eleanor Summerfield has an exciting recipe for you. Be ready with your pencil and paper to jot it down as she demonstrates.

In another part of the magazine, Peter Cockburn goes out with the cameras, talking to housewives as they shop, taking a peep into their shopping baskets, finding out the kind of food they buy, discussing the difficulties of making housekeeping ends meet. He doesn’t just confine questions to city housewives, but he also visits a tiny English village where a completely different set of circumstances exists. Perhaps we shall be hearing your views.

Peter Cockburn will be everywhere, talking to people and taking pictures in big stores, small stores, everywhere in fact where housewives congregate to shop.

Have you ever wondered how spaghetti is made? Does it grow? Or is it manufactured, or where does it come from? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Because in “Sauce for the Gander” there’s a fascinating documentary all about spaghetti. All kinds of hitherto unsuspected facts about spaghetti come to light.

Listen on Tuesday evening and find out all about it.


“Sauce for the Gander” goes on the air from 6.45 to 7 on Tuesday evening, 3rd December 1957

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