All wrong and still tops

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From the ATV Show Book number one

Robert Cummings plays the part of Robert S. Beanblossom, a well-meaning but not very successful real estate salesman, who is the central character of My Hero. Beanblossom is so pleasant and human a character that even his long-suffering boss, played by John Litel, forgives him his failings. Most of these failings are caused by Beanblossom’s continual association with life’s ‘have nots’ in the shape of tramps, lay-abouts, stray cats and off-beat characters of all descriptions.

His girl friend, played by lovely Julie Bishop, has faith that eventually Beanblossom will emerge triumphant, and it is because all his failures seem to be motivated by a spark of original genius that she continues to regard him as her hero.

Robert Cummings came to London to acquire a British accent at a time when this form of speech was a la mode in New York. As a result, Cummings returned to Broadway and full employment, with the prospect of a very bright film career just around the corner. Since then he has made Kings’ Row and Dial M for Murder, and, but for a break during the war to serve as a flying instructor, he has grown in acting stature until this day, when he is one of the most sought-after performers in films and on television.

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The ATV Show Book (later editions were not sponsored by ATV) was an annual produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s

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